North America Lacrosse COVID 19 Rules


  • All families are strongly urged to only have 1 parent or guardian attend the fall North America Lacrosse tournament with their child. In the case of multiple children playing on different times at the same time it would be acceptable to have both parents and/or guardians attend.
  • Anyone who is over the age of 65 and has an underlying health conditions should not attend.
  • We ask that all spectators where a mask and adhere to social distancing guidelines, stay 6 feet apart and frequently ash hands or use sanitizer
  • If any player/parent/guardian is feeling sick, has a fever or is experience any FLU like symptoms they hall not be permitted to attend the event
  • Team tents are not permited at our events at this time. 


  • We ask that all players not in competition remain in their cars until it is necessary to warm up and prepare for an upcoming comes
  • Players are strongly urged to wear masks to and from their car and to the warm up.
  • No HANDSHAKES of any kind are permitted and that we ask that all players refrain from any unnecessary body contact
  • All players participating in our fall event at Kirkwood Soccer Complex in the state of Delaware are required to do one of these three things to participate in game play:
    1. A player must have a football or cascade lacrosse face shield installed on his helmer or
    2. A player must have a mask or gaitor on during competition or
    3. A player must have a mask on the outside of the helmet on teh facemask (best option) during competition
  • All players must have their own personal water. We will not have general water stations.
  • All players must complete the North America Lacrosse & Kirkwood Soccer Complex Waivers (if team is participating at that venue). Additionally for those players participating at Kirkwood they must complete the daily health waiver. CLICK HERE to complete the waiver.

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