We are excited to announce our partnership with Travel Team USA as the official hotel coordinator for the North American Lacrosse Tournaments held at Kirkwood Soccer Complex. This includes the fall event for all grades and the summer event for only 2019-2022 grades. Avanti Travel will handle lodging for 2023-2027 teams only for the summer event. Avanti and Travel Team USA have secured discounted rates at tournament approved hotels in order to accommodate the needs of all of the teams attending our tournaments.

All North American Lacrosse tournaments will be STAY TO PLAY events so that any teams attending our events that are located 60+ miles away have to book their hotels through Travel Team USA in order to participate in our events. Travel Team USA will make sure that all teams are taken care of and in a hotel of their choosing. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Laura at .

For the summer tournament 2018 and only grades 2023-2027 please CLICK HERE to book through AVANTI Travel. You can also email Patti O’Brien at .

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